Better Street Signs

It seems that signage in many parts of America is somewhat dysfunctional. I know that to be the case in NYC on highways. Articles have been written about the problem, but it seems the bureaucracy has not found a way to solve the problem.

I have a suggestion! A toll free number should be set up by the Federal Government (or States). People then could call in and give the location of the improper, misleading or non existent sign. The locations and reported problem could be logged in and then given to the proper authority to investigate. Once it was confirmed that the problem did exist, the local, state or Federal government (depending on who would be responsible for the sign) could correct the problem!

We, as Americans, should try to allow our lives to be as functional as possible. Good signs is a small part of functionality, but would be a small step in that direction.

Donald S. Weiss
October 31, 2005

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